Miss Berridge has considerable experience in Oral Surgery and has performed over 500 wisdom tooth extractions. She regularly treats a wide variety of conditions ranging from complex tooth extractions to the surgical management of cysts of the jaws.

Miss Berridge has a reputation for excellence and was awarded the Three O’s (Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology) Class prize in 2001 in addition to receiving a Distinction grade in the Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology component of her BDS finals exams whilst at King’s College Dental Institute.

Miss Berridge is passionate about keeping up to date with the latest surgical technologies and is involved in the training of junior dentists and higher surgical trainees. She has also held the position of Senior Lecturer in Oral Surgery at the United Dental Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, rest assured that you will be in excellent hands.


Miss Berridge has extensive experience in the management of skin cancer (non-melanoma and melanoma) of the Head & Neck region. Her extensive experience in managing facial trauma over the years has also contributed to Miss Berridge refining her scar management protocol. With her keen eye for fine aesthetic detail and reconstructive surgical experience, Miss Berridge is extremely proficient in minimising cosmetic deformity as a consequence of skin surgery.

As a substantive Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals NHS Trust and locum Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon for the Department of Dermatology at The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Trust, Miss Berridge was a core member of the skin Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and provided surgical expertise in the treatment of patients with Head & Neck skin cancers to local healthcare teams.

Miss Berridge continues to work as a Consultant OMFS surgeon in the NHS and undertakes surgical excision and/or reconstruction of facial defects following facial skin cancer removal or MOHs micrographic surgery.

Surgical View Natasha Berridge
Surgery - Natasha


Miss Berridge has clinical expertise in the diagnosis and non-surgical management of common chronic, recurrent and medically related disorders of the oro-facial regions including the management of temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome (TMDS)/bruxism.

It is important to note that any change in the appearance of the mucosa of the mouth and lips (e.g. a persistent ulcer >2 weeks, white or red patches), a new neck lump, change to voice or difficulty swallowing could be a warning sign of mouth cancer. Seeking the advice of a clinician urgently is imperative as prompt diagnosis and treatment will positively affect the outcome.

Miss Berridge has close working relations with her colleagues who specialise in the management of pre-cancerous lesions/oral cancer and where required, will promptly facilitate onward referral to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatments available.



With decades of clinical experience and a wealth of knowledge across all areas of Oral, Maxillofacial & Aesthetic Surgery, Miss Berridge is a top-rated NHS Consultant and private clinician in London, United Kingdom.

Amazing experience by a true professional. The aesthetic results well exceeded my expectations. Miss Berridge has an awesome way of making you feel totally at ease. Well worth the journey into London.

After years of sun & salt water damage I thought there was no way to revive my skin. Two years later  following treatment with Miss Berridge my skin is healthier and younger looking than ever. Thank you eternally.

Miss Berridge is fabulous! She is a highly skilled practitioner with a caring and sensitive bedside manner. She took the time to listen to my concern. I am delighted with the treatment provided.